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Carry On (from the Original Motion Picture "POKÉMON Detective Pikachu")



May 8, 2019

Do you like everyone Pokemon?

I was an elementary school student when the first Pokemon was released as a Game Boy.
There are many memories of Pokemon.

At that time, anime was also very popular.

When I heard that such memories of Pokemon Pikachu would be a strange movie, I was truly surprised.

But now I am excited about the magnificent Hollywood work.
(The voice should be cuter. 😂)

And the theme song for this movie, "Carry On".
A new song by Kygo and Rita Ora.

In a music video with a confession video, Rita Ora, who wears a trench coat with Pikachu color, swears with a strong voice to the existence that saved himself from the dark with a beautiful singing voice.

From the intro to the intoxication to the pulsating electronic sound pulsating tropical Kygo says in his own social network:

"When I was a kid I was a big fan of Pokemon, it was a big presence for my childhood. I'm very excited to announce the official soundtrack" 「Carry On」 of the detective Pikachu with Rita Ora."

Rita Ora, who wrote the same song with Kygo, addressed to the same film director Rob Letterman on his SNS,
"leave this song to us and give me the freedom to write for this wonderful movie, and I believe I am deeply grateful to the unbelievable director Rob Letterman. "
It is said.

In addition, Rita Ora, who is performing "a bit of cameo appearance" in the same movie,
"I can see the Pokemon that brought life to life in the film, and it is really wonderful, and I can be involved in this beautiful world, It can not be a magical feeling or words. " also say.

Anyway, I am excited about the fusion of great memories of movies and great music works.