Hardcastle may refer to:

a family, the members of which are principal characters in Oliver Goldsmith's play She Stoops to Conquer

Bill Hardcastle (1874–1944), New Zealand rugby player

Diana Hardcastle, British actress

Douglas Hardcastle (1886–1915), English footballer

Edgar Hardcastle (1900–1995), theorist of Marxist economics

Edward Hardcastle (1826–1905), British businessman and Conservative politician

Frances Hardcastle (1866–1941), English mathematician

Frank Hardcastle (1844–1908), British industrialist and Conservative politician

Joseph Hardcastle (disambiguation), several people

Leslie Hardcastle (born 1926), controller of the British Film Institute

Michael Hardcastle (born 1933), British author of children's sports fiction

Paul Hardcastle (born 1957), composer

Rick Hardcastle (born 1956), Texas politician

Sally Hardcastle (1945–2014), British journalist and radio presenter

Sarah Hardcastle (born 1969), English swimmer

Sexton Hardcastle (born 1973), pro wrestler; ring-name for Adam Copeland.

Sonya Hardcastle (born 1972), New Zealand netballer

William Hardcastle (broadcaster) (1918–1975), British journalist and radio news presenter

Hardcastle and McCormick, a 1980s television series


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