Big Business


Big business involves large-scale corporate-controlled financial or business activities. As a term, it describes activities that run from "huge transactions" to the more general "doing big things". In corporate jargon, the concept is commonly known as enterprise, or activities involving enterprise customers.The concept first rose in a symbolic sense after 1880 in connection with the combination movement that began in American business at that time. United States corporations that fall into the category of "big business" as of 2015 include ExxonMobil, Walmart, Google, Microsoft, Apple, General Electric, General Motors, Citigroup, Goldman Sachs, and JPMorgan Chase. The largest German corporations as of 2012 included Daimler AG, Deutsche Telekom, Siemens, and Deutsche Bank. Among the largest companies in the United Kingdom as of 2012 are HSBC, Barclays, WPP plc, and BP.

The latter half of the 19th century saw more technological advances and corporate growth in additional sectors, such as petroleum, machinery, chemicals, and electrical equipment. (See Second Industrial Revolution.)


August 9, 2022

Trapland Pat Taps Rick Ross for New "Big Business" Remix and Video

After making waves in South Florida, rising rapper Trapland Pat has tapped Rick Ross for the remix of his 2021 viral hit “Big Business,” complete with a video.

March 9, 2022

Five Takeaways From RIAA’s 2021 Report: Big Business, Bigger Growth, Biggest Vinyl Shipments

Ad-supported on-demand streaming had itself a year -- while strong vinyl/CD sales helped take a 1% bite out of digital's overall share.

September 30, 2021

Boxscore Summer Recap: American Theaters & Stadiums Resume Big Business

U.S. stadiums and Las Vegas theaters dominate Boxscore venue charts.


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