Skid Row


A skid row or skid road is an impoverished area, typically urban, in English-speaking North America whose inhabitants are mostly poor people "on the skids". This specifically refers to poor or homeless, either considered disreputable, downtrodden or forgotten by society. A skid row may be anything from an impoverished urban district to a red-light district to a gathering area for homeless people and drug addicts. In general, skid row areas are inhabited or frequented by individuals marginalized by poverty and also drug addicts. Urban areas considered skid rows are marked by high vagrancy, dilapidated buildings, and drug dens, as well as other features of urban blight. Used figuratively, the phrase may indicate the state of a poor person's life.

The term skid road originally referred to the path along which timber workers skidded logs. Its current sense appears to have originated in the Pacific Northwest. Areas in the United States and Canada identified by this nickname include Pioneer Square in Seattle; Old Town Chinatown in Portland, Oregon; Downtown Eastside in Vancouver; Skid Row in Los Angeles; the Tenderloin District of San Francisco; and the Bowery of Lower Manhattan. The term Poverty Flats is used for some Western US towns.The term “skid row” may often be interchangeable with the term tent city. A tent city may exist on the premises of a skid row, but many tent cities are in areas not known as skid rows.


November 25, 2021

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August 15, 2021

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June 28, 2021

Johnny Solinger, Ex-Singer With Skid Row, Dies at 55

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June 27, 2021

Former Skid Row Singer Johnny Solinger Dead at 55

Metal act's longest-serving vocalist revealed he was battling liver failure in May

June 27, 2021

Ex-Skid Row singer Johnny Solinger dies aged 55

Solinger announced only last month that he was suffering from liver failure The post Ex-Skid Row singer Johnny Solinger dies aged 55 appeared first on NME.


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