The Olivia Tremor Control


The Olivia Tremor Control is an American psychedelic band from Athens, Georgia. The band's main line-up comprised Will Cullen Hart, Bill Doss, Eric Harris, John Fernandes, and Peter Erchick. The Olivia Tremor Control's music encompasses a wide range of styles, including indie rock, neo-psychedelia, psychedelic pop and psychedelic rock. Among the band's more prominent influences include psychedelic pop bands of the 1960s, such as the Beach Boys and the Beatles.

The Olivia Tremor Control originated as a band called Cranberry Lifecycle, which was formed in Ruston, Louisiana in the late 1980s, by Hart and his high school friend Jeff Mangum. The two moved to Athens, Georgia, and reworked Cranberry Lifecycle songs as Synthetic Flying Machine. After Doss joined, Mangum left the band to pursue a solo project that would eventually become Neutral Milk Hotel. Doss and Hart then renamed the band to the Olivia Tremor Control, and recruited Fernandes, Harris, and Erchick. With this line-up, the Olivia Tremor Control released two albums: Dusk at Cubist Castle (1996) and Black Foliage (1999). Both albums received positive reviews from critics.

After the release of Black Foliage, tensions grew between Hart and Doss, and the Olivia Tremor Control broke up in 2000. Hart was hospitalized with multiple sclerosis in 2005, and when Doss went to visit him, the two reconciled and reunited the band in 2009. While recording a third album, Doss died of a reported aneurysm. The remaining band members decided to continuing performing, and as of 2019 the Olivia Tremor Control's third album is still being recorded.


John Peel Session

September 18, 2015

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The Game You Play is in Your Head, Parts 1, 2, & 3

August 30, 2011

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Black Foliage: Animation Music

March 16, 2004

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Dusk at Cubist Castle

February 3, 2004

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Presents: Singles and Beyond

August 8, 2000

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