Die Sekte


Die Sekte is a German rap group from Berlin, formed in 1998 by Sido, B-Tight, Rhymin Simon and Vokalmatador. Originally it consisted of only Sido and B-Tight, also known as duo A.i.d.S.

Since 2009, with the release of their debut album Die Sekte, the group consisted of Sido, B-Tight, Alpa Gun, Tony D, MOK, Bendt, Fuhrman and DJ Werd.

All members are from Märkisches Viertel, except Alpa Gun (from Berlin-Schöneberg), Tony D and MOK (from Berlin-Neukölln).

Die Sekte was one of the first rap groups from Berlin and they have already sold 20,000 copies of their first EP and mixtapes.


Freestyle Pista de Rap

December 4, 2020

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Gar nich so schlimm

August 4, 2003

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