King Prawn


King prawn may refer to:

In Australia, several species of commercially significant edible prawns (shrimp) in the genus Melicertus (previously classified in Peneaus):

Melicertus plebejus (Hess, 1865) - eastern king prawn;

Melicertus latisulcatus (Kishinouye, 1896) - western king prawn;

Melicertus longistylus (Kubo, 1943) - redspot king prawn.

The vannamei prawn or whiteleg shrimp, Penaeus vannamei.

Pepe the King Prawn, a Muppets character performed by Bill Barretta.

King Prawn (band), an English ska punk band active 1993–2003 and 2012.

Fairy King Prawn (靚蝦王), a racehorse.



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