Marinelli is a surname of Italian origin, and may refer to:

Anthony Marinelli (born 1959), American pianist, musician, composer and conductor

Benny Marinelli (1902–1927), American thoroughbred horse racing jockey

Carlos Marinelli (born 1982), Argentinian footballer

Chris Marinelli (born 1987), former American football offensive tackle

Danielle Roy Marinelli, Canadian politician

Danko Marinelli (born 1987), Croatian alpine skier

Giancarlo Marinelli (1915–1987), Italian basketball player

Giovanni Marinelli (1879–1944), Italian Fascist political leader

Jacques Marinelli (born 1925), French cyclist

Joe Marinelli (born 1957), American actor

Karl von Marinelli (1745–1803), Austrian actor, theatre manager and playwright

Leonardo Marinelli, Italian commander for the Guardia di Finanza

Leonidas D. Marinelli (1906–1974), Argentinian American radiologist and inventor

Louis J. Marinelli (born 1986), American political activist of the California independence movement

Luca Marinelli (born 1984), Italian actor

Matthew Marinelli (born 1985), American professional wrestler

Paolo Marinelli (born 1995), Croatian professional basketball player

Rod Marinelli (born 1949), American football coach

Sonny Marinelli (born 1967), American actor and voice actor

Vincenzo Marinelli (1820–1892), Italian painter


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