Doucette is a French language surname and a variant of Doucet. Notable people with the name include:

Allan Doucette (1872–1901), American footballer

Bernard Doucette (died 1974), Franco-American meteorologist

Chad Doucette (born 1988), Canadian singer

Don Doucette (born 1952), American college basketball coach

Eddie Doucette, American sportscaster

Fred Doucette, American politician from New Hampshire

Jeff Doucette (born 1947), American actor

Jerry Doucette (1952–2022), Canadian guitarist, who released music as "Doucette"

John Doucette (1921–1994), American actor

John Doucett or Doucette (died 1726), Lieutenant Governor of Nova Scotia

John W. Doucette, officer in the United States Air Force

Paul Doucette (born 1972), American drummer

Ryan Doucette (born 1983), Canadian actor

Sarah Doucette, Canadian politician


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