Do you like music?
I like music.
I was encouraged by music, enthusiastic about music, and connected with people through music.

Looking back on history, music existed in every era, even before civilization developed.
Sometimes it was a means of communication and sometimes a way of self-expression.

In musical terms, the word "Groove" mainly refers to the rhythm and tempo of drums, etc.
It is often used to mean a sense of unity and exhilaration due to the combination of multiple sounds, and interpretations vary from person to person.

In other words, it is a word that has the meaning of "I don't understand, but something is good."

This website aims to create a community with a kind of cohesive unity by connecting people through music and collaborating with each other. And above all, myself, who loves music, wants to come across new, unknown music. It is a website developed and operated by individuals.

I hope everyone who visits this place will be able to meet new music and meet new people.